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The fontanassi of the Sile

The Sile is without doubt the most important symbol of the Treviso Marches. It crosses the region's capital influencing its layout and characterising the scenery, while the "peasant culture" of the entire province was born and developed on its banks. A visit to its source, the "fontanassi di Casacorba" can therefore make a pleasant outing. The springs fall within the boundaries of the River Sile Park and are an interesting destination for both adults and children. 

What are the "fontanassi"? The rainwater coming from the mountains and the underground branches of the River Piave flow through the particularly permeable subsoil of the region as far as Casacorba. At this point with its peaty surface, the waters emerge spontaneously from the ground, Louis Vuitton Outlet originating the River Sile. The largest and oldest of the springs, the "dea coa longa" and "del prete" springs, are located in midst of a vast area of scrubland growing on mainly peaty soil and are accessible only with stout walking boots. At first glance they resemble large pools of water. If you look closely into these pools you can see bubbles of water rising up to the surface from the bottom and sides to form the River Sile. For the majority who prefer a Sunday stroll with no particular difficulties, we recommend the itinerary known as La Porta dell'Acqua starting at Via Santa Brigida, Casacorba di Vedelago, and following a fascinating section of the emerging branches of the Sile including a number of springs.