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Navigazione F.lli Stefanato

Instead of abandoning the Sile, this family of former boatmen who have worked the river since 1566 have converted their company and today accompany visitors to discover the river as far as the Venice lagoon.

Typical itineraries

  • Portegrandi - Up the River Sile - Casier
  • S. Francesco D.D. - Burano - Torcello
  • Murano - Burano - Torcello
  • Burano - Venice - Murano

You can customise the day, time (including by night) and place of departure and arrival of the excursion and the itinerary. Prices are negotiable and can be based either on the cost of individual tickets or boat hire, with the possibility of stopping to visit the Altino museum with picnic lunch or dinner on board.

As this is not a regular service, booking is indispensable.
Navigazione F.lli Stefanato s.n.c.
Via Garibaldi, 13 - 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV) - - Tel. +39-0422-788663 - +39-335-5245599 - +39-335-6296606 - Fax +39-0422-787351

Stefanato Navigation Service
Stefanato Navigation Service
(photo by Gianfranco Speranza)
Stefanato Navigation Service
Stefanato Navigation Service
Stefanato Navigation Service
Stefanato Navigation Service
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