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"Pan e Vin" and "Brusàr a Vècia" | The San Luca Fair |

Over the millennia, the way in which man relates to the divine has remained largely unaltered down the centuries.  To cope with natural calamities, the conditionings generated by social inequalities or more simply by misfortune, man has always tried to protect himself by establishing a relationship with someone, or something, "beyond himself" and perceived as superior.
On a purely rational level, this need and this quest have led to philosophy and science.  The religious perspective on the other hand has constantly fuelled hope.
The very etymology of the world religio is a reference to the concept of a bond between man and divinity, identified by a series of sentiments and acts of homage and veneration, expression of man's dependent relationship with the divine.  In the passage from pagan to Christian practices, the Church felt the need to moderate that world often made of superstition and magic in some way, to the point of laying down precise rules dictated by the Council of Trent.
The packed calendar of markets, fairs and propitiatory bonfires involving the whole community preserves this evocative religious bond unaltered still today.