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Architectural heritage

The churches of the Sile | The Venetian villas |

The churches of the Sile
Numerous churches line both banks of the river Sile for the full length of its course. Here we will consider just those whose position places them in close contact with the river, without mentioning others which, although in municipalities crossed by the Sile, have no direct relationship with the river, including from a landscape point of view.

The Venetian villas
With the arrival of summer, desires and necessities came together in the attraction of the charming countryside, fields and hills. The wealthy Venetians embarked on wherries or in sumptuous carriages flocked to the villas dotted around the province. The surroundings of these villas with their yew and box bushes, myrtle hedges and long esplanades of hornbeam fading into green flower-filled shrubbery were very different from the narrow canals and alleyways where the light filtered with difficulty.