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Tiramisu is one of the most famous desserts, both in Italy and in the world. It belongs to the category of layer desserts, like the trifle: the originality of the tiramisu recipe lies in its ingredients, including zabaglione, coffee, mascarpone, and biscuits (ladysfingers).
Tiramisu has no certain origins but, despite the various anecdotes you find on the web, it was probably born in Veneto. The ancestor of tiramisu is described in the book "Il ghiottone veneto" by the gastronomist Giuseppe Maffioli, who mentions the tradition to eat zabaglione together with whipped cream and some biscuits, called "baicoli".
In "I dolci del Veneto", published in 1983 by Giovanni Capnist, there is a recipe of tiramisu (although it is not called with this name), while in 1988, in the volume "La Marca Gastronomica", we finally find tiramisu described as a dessert prepared in the restaurant Le Beccherie, in Treviso.

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