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Canottieri Sile Association Headquarters

The Canottieri Sile Society was founded as a recreational club in 1908, and it was the meeting point for many generations of people from Treviso. Over the years it became a real sport association, and it achieved excellent results on a regional and national level. Anyways, it has not forgotten to offer all of its members recreational facilities for their leisure time and relaxing moments (recreational canoeing, gym, rowing in the style of Venetia). The Canottieri Sile Association is situated on the Sile river's banks. With the boats at members' disposal it is possible to visit the Nature Park of the same name situated upstream the city of Treviso, and to discover the luxuriant beauty of Europe's longest river originating from a karst spring.

Municipality: Treviso (TV) | Region: Venetia | View on Map
Canottieri Sile Association Headquarters
Canottieri Sile Association Headquarters
(photo by: PR Sile)
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