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Embarkment from Portegrandi

By bike         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife 
  • Departure: Portegrandi (Quarto d'Altino)
  • Arrival: Casale sul Sile, loc. Canton
  • Duration: 1.5, round-trip 3 hours
  • Length: about 16 km, round-trip 32 km
  • Involved Municipalities: Quarto d'Altino
  • Path conditions: paved roads or well-kept white roads
  • Car Park: Sottopasso car park, via Trieste, Ca’ Corner, Portegrandi

From the old mouth of the Sile river, through places that have remained intact over time, nature has been preserved unharmed by the destructive interventions of man. The Trepalade Oasis, one of the last stretches of the Veneto ancient countryside, looks like a corner abandoned to itself. Nevertheless, it is surrounded by spontaneous and luxuriant greenery, sheltered by reeds and hedges, where birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians live undisturbed. Here, fauna and flora have reproduced in complete protection of the environmental constraint to which the area is subject. 

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