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The priority objectives of the law setting up the River Sile Regional Natural Park include:

  • protection and enhancement of the drainage basin as a source of drinking water;
  • compatible with nature conservation, the socioeconomic development of the towns, villages and enterprises within the perimeter of the Park, with particular reference to activities associated with agriculture and fish farming which contribute to determining the farmland and river landscape, creating better housing and improving the living conditions of the local communities.

Compatible with the needs of environmental improvement, the farming sector is therefore the one with which the Park works closest, promoting opportunities and technical and financial benefits, initiating production conversion and experimenting with new forms of environmentally compatible farming and methods for improving biotopes.  
The Park is in fact the ideal place for measures involving ecocompatible agriculture.
Relationships have been established between the Park and the relevant institutions, sector associations and farmers with the aim of implementing specific programmes as provided for by the Plan. In the case of the "farming and animal rearing sector", this involves:

  • Implementation of improvement programmes in agreement with farmers, fish farmers and those working in the agricultural and environmental sector in general;
  • The setting up of production chains in specific agricultural and food sectors (e.g. agricultural and food production with zero residues, organic farming, etc.) able to confer added value on the products concerned;
  • Promotion of a policy encouraging the conversion of intensive farming to organic and niche farming; 
  • sale of products through the establishment of systems generating economies of scale.

Considered as a resource of drinking water, the drainage basin of the Sile involves a vast area which affects the quality of the environment well beyond the geographical borders of the Park.
This therefore benefits other crops and their quality, distinctiveness and genuineness. Fruit and vegetables such as peaches, peppers and the sweet potato from Zero Branco are all examples of special products closely associated with their land of origin.

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