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The greatest influence in the gastronomy of the Sile comes from an area dominated by the Treviso cuisine, currently experiencing a moment of glory during all great international occasions. "Eating Veneto" is ever more a synonym for "eating Treviso" and radicchio, asparagus, cheese, prosecco wine and all the typical local products in general have long since crossed the borders of Italy, attracting great interest and often surprising the most discriminating and refined palates. Recognised as one of the best cuisines in Italy, the cuisine of Treviso is able to express itself thanks to the high level reached by numerous local restaurateurs, committed to serving on their tables the most characteristic value of the area's best tradition… the ability to transform raw materials into top quality products. Despite its humble origins, the variety of Treviso cuisine comes as a pleasant surprise. The well-known Treviso academic, Giuseppe Mazzotti, one of the first to draw attention to this vital aspect of the Veneto culture, offers an unusual perspective on the history of the Treviso Marches, interpreting the community's cultural identity through its food and wine. Simple everyday gestures such as cooking therefore become significant expressions of popular knowledge and the art of living well. Giuseppe Mazzotti, the gastrosopher Giuseppe Maffioli and Alfredo Beltrame, founder of the "El Toulà" chain of restaurants, have been exceptional and affectionate testimonials of the places, typical products and wines of the "gioiosa et amorosa" ("joyful and amorous") Treviso Marches, tenaciously helping to communicate, hand down, advise, repropose and promote the food and wine traditions of Treviso throughout Italy and the world.

Sweet and sour Treviso Radicchio
Sweet and sour Treviso Radicchio
(photo by: Gianfranco Speranza)
Trevigiano Delicacies Shop
Red Radicchio from Treviso PGI on display at the market of Piazzetta San Parisio in Treviso
Street market of Piazzetta San Parisio in Treviso
Chanterelle mushrooms at the market in Treviso
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