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Porchetta Trevigiana

History: Porchetta is a dish coming from Lazio. Its history dates back to the Roman Empire, and its processing methods are even mentioned in some works by scholars and artists of 400 BC. It seems that it was the favorite dish of Emperor Nero, famous for his refined palate. An ancient method to prepare porchetta is also mentioned in a recipe contained in "De Re Coquinaria", dating back to the time of Tiberius. Nowadays, porchetta is widespread all over the national territory, with small variations linked to the use of particular spices or herbs, appreciated for its taste, simplicity, and varieties of use. As a specialty from Treviso, porchetta was born in 1919 thanks to Ermete Beltrame.

Description of the product: Porchetta is a sort of ham obtained from one-year old pigs. It can be found with or without bone, in a cylindrical shape. It is whitish inside, with some parts where the presence of the spices is evident, while outside it is golden. It is very fragrant and tasty. It is not fat since, during cooking, fats are melted by the heat and collected in special small basins. It must be served cold and, despite it does not have either additives or preservatives, it stays tasty and fragrant for at least two weeks if preserved in a cool place.

Production Process: The piglet is fed with fine bran and milk surrogates and, after about one year when it weights about 50 kilos, is butchered, dissected, and deboned. Each operation is carried out carefully and clean, trying not to damage the meat and to preserve its integrity. The meat is then flavored with salt, rosemary, pepper, garlic, and white wine. At this point, porchetta is sewn, tied with string to maintain its compactness, and put on a stick, in order to optimize its cooking in the oven. It is roasted for about 7 hours at a temperature of 200°C. It is left cooling off and must be served cold.
No preservatives nor chemical additives are added.

In particular, in the processing and ingredients, the following substances are NOT used:
Nitrates and nitrites, starch, sources of gluten, genetically modified products, lactose, casein or milk products, added polyphosphates, monosodium glutamate, soya proteins, thickening agents, citrates.
It does not contain Allergens according to the annex III bis Directives 2003/89/CE and 2006/142 CE.
It is not fat since, during cooking, fats are melted by the heat and collected in special small basins.

Where to find it: It is easy to find in butcher's shops and at the stalls during festivals or events.

Uses: Porchetta is ideal both for banquets and parties and for a snack with some bread and a glass of wine.

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