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The Aims of the Park

The aims of the River Sile Regional Natural Park are as specified in art. 2, clause 1 of Regional Law no. 8 of 28 January 1991, namely:
  • a) protection of the soil and subsoil, flora, fauna and water;
  • b) protection and enhancement of the drainage basin as a source of drinking water;
  • c) safeguarding, maintenance, restoration, enhancement and promotion of the natural, historical and architectural environment and the landscape as a whole and recovery of any altered parts;
  • d) safeguarding of the specific anthropological, hydrogeological, geomorphological, botanical and zoological characteristics;
  • e) fruition for scientific, cultural and educational purposes;
  • f) promotion, including through the provision of adequate technical and financial support, of the activities involved in the maintenance of the constituent natural and historical elements of the Park, together with traditional, recreational and service enterprises, compatible with the primary requisite of safeguarding the natural and historic environment;
  • g) the socioeconomic development of villages and businesses within the perimeter of the Park, compatible with the requisites of safeguarding, with particular reference to activities associated with agriculture and fish farming which contribute to determining the agricultural and river landscape, creating better housing and living conditions for local communities;
  • h) the promotion and regulation of service functions for leisure activities and organisation of visitor flows.
PDF Regional Law no. 8/1991 Setting up the Park (Italian only)
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